Our approach is consultative. We engage our clients and stakeholders in a way to achieve consensus and validation throughout the creation of the project deliverables. This will also ensure a high level of quality assurance (QA) by circling back for agreement and approvals before finalizing deliverables. PPT Consulting is then positioned to advise and assist by examining our extensive network and database to identify candidates who match (and exceed) the published job request criteria.
Benefits of working with PPT Consulting:

- We understand the skill sets required to maintain a large IT organization and support business programs and services.
- Led by a group of senior IT consultants with extensive experience delivering IT services, projects and resources to both public and private sectors
- We are not an oversized agency with high overheads; We are able to pass our cost savings to our clients
- Bridge communication gap between Business and IT

People Process Technology (PPT) Consulting is an innovative company specializing in providing highly qualified IT consultants to both the public and private sectors. We strongly believe in the right combination of people, process and technology as the main success factors for every IT project.

PPT Consulting is qualified for all roles and levels under the Province of Ontario Task Based and Management Consulting Vendor of Records (VORs). We were engaged on many business transformation and system renewal projects.

Our methodology and tools are designed to fit our customers software development processes. We ensure the rapid and complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Requirements Simulation Tools- Analyst Perspective

This article by Joel Benayon was published in the IIBA and the Requirements Networking Group.

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